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The Hospitality Industry Meets Seamless Smart Sensor Management

The robust and user-friendly Black Tiger IoT platform empowers hospitality property managers and owners to actively oversee numerous sensors across diverse properties through one streamlined and user-intuitive interface. With a wide range of benefits at your fingertips, ensure efficient management while effortlessly addressing critical alerts. By staying informed, you can swiftly analyze and respond, potentially saving significant costs and preventing major inconveniences for yourself or your customers due to unexpected issues.

Sensors in the hospitality industry used in hotels and similar establishments to monitor aspects like temperature, humidity, water leaks, and more; while diverse, offer crucial advantages to hospitality properties.

Water Leak Sensors For The Hospitality Industry

Water leak sensors in restaurants, hotels, etc offer invaluable advantages by proactively guarding against potential water damage. These highly effective sensors swiftly detect leaks, allowing for immediate action to mitigate risks, prevent structural harm, and decrease repair costs.

By notifying on-site property managers or owners, they enable timely interventions, preserving the building's integrity and ensuring a safer, more secure environment for your customers.

Equipping Your Restaurants, Hotels, And Other Hospitality Properties WithDoor/Window Sensors

Window and door sensors in the hospitality industry provide essential security measures, alerting staff to unauthorized access or potential breaches. They help ensure guest safety and property protection by monitoring entry points, and enhancing overall security protocols within the establishment while also ensuring left-open windows and doors don’t overwork HVAC units.

Keeping Your Guest and Staff Safe With Air Quality Sensors

Air quality sensors are key for hospitality businesses like hotels and event venues to ensure guests' comfort and health by monitoring indoor air conditions.

Restaurants and cafes benefit from these sensors to maintain a pleasant dining environment, while venues hosting events rely on them to provide optimal air quality for attendees' well-being. Additionally, in accommodations like B&Bs and vacation rentals, air quality sensors play a pivotal role in creating a healthier and more inviting space for guests during their stay.

Temperature and Humidity Sensors For Refrigerated Content and Mold Protection

A key use case for temperature sensors in this industry is for the likes of walk-in refrigerators or other types of fridges where the likes of restaurants and hotels store valuable temperature-sensitive content.

Furthermore, maintaining appropriate humidity levels in hospitality businesses is vital to prevent mold growth, as excess moisture can create favorable conditions for mold proliferation.


  • Operational Efficiency

    Our sensor collection can help streamline operations by providing real-time data on various factors, allowing for proactive maintenance, cost reduction through energy efficiency, and ensuring a comfortable environment for guests.
  • Property Protection

    Black Tiger IoT sensors aid in safeguarding your property by detecting potential threats like water leaks, maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels to preserve furnishings, and protecting against potential security breaches.
  • Cost Savings

    These fierce sensors help prevent damage costs before it is too late through real-time alerts and also help you reduce operational costs by optimizing energy usage.
  • Improved Guest Experience

    Maintaining optimal conditions through sensors ~ whether it be it air quality, temperature, or security contributes to an overall better guest experience, leading to higher satisfaction and potential repeat visits.
  • Insurance Savings

    Reach out to your insurance provider about potential premium savings through proof to your provider that you are taking the extra safeguards to prevent your hospitality establishment from having costly damages.