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Codepoint - Indoor/Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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For Consumer Homes

For Commercial Properties

The Codepoint Temperature and Humidity Sensor (CS1060) is a long-range, low-power temperature and humidity sensor that works with LoRaWAN. The sensor has a highly accurate thermometer and hygrometer with standard and supports various applications/use cases in the home and for businesses. This sensor delivers optimal monitoring and data collection.

 Application and Use Cases:

  • Monitor the temperature and humidity of any rooms or buildings without temperature control; for example, receive a below-temp alert before water pipes freeze.
  • Place the sensor in a basement, bathroom, or other areas subject to mold and mildew growth.
  • Outdoor / Out-building monitoring.
  • Livestock environments such as outside kennels, stables, and barns.
  • Place in home or commercial refrigerators/freezers for early failure warnings.
  • Monitor wine cellars, humidors or any other temperature or humidity-sensitive areas.
  • Optimize cooling and heating systems to reduce utility costs.



The BT Temperature and Humidity sensor is very easy to install and operate: it can be place anywhere, simply put it on a shelf or hang it on a wall using the provided sticky pad. Powered by two AAA non-rechargeable lithium batteries, the BT Temperature and Humidity sensor provides more than two (2) years of operation in harsh environments, both indoors and out.

  • Long Range: 300 to 500 meters
  • Weatherproof: designed for harsh hot and cold environments
  • Reporting: continuous every 15 minutes
  • Alerts: be notified in real-time when temperature and humidity is below or above a set threshold



No Wiring Required: You can just stick it to any surface using the provided sticky pad.


Coralink Class C, LoRaWAN v1.03 Class A, Class A device 


[L x W x D]: 2.44 x 2.44 x 0.87 inches (62 x 62 x 22 mm) 


-22°F – 158°F (-30°C – 70°C), Humidity Range: < 95% non-condensing 


2 AAA lithium batteries (3V DC) 

 IP Rating 



U.S. 923 MHz, E.U. 868 MHz, China 470 MHz, and other frequencies available 

Light & Buttons

Multi-color status LED (back) 
Set button (back)