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Ferocious Fleet Dash Cameras Empower Small Fleets

Ferocious Fleet Dash Cameras Empower Small Fleets

Fleet Dash Cameras Empower Operations for Even The Smallest of Fleets

A dash cam system is the solution to take your fleet management to the next level. With 24/7 AI surveillance and Advanced Driver-Assistance System alerts, keep reading to learn how Black Tiger’s Dashcam keeps its eyes locked on and claws sunken into your fleet.

Boost Driver Safety

With recent advancements in fleet technology, fleet managers have access to tracking driver data like never before. Some of the most recent advancements include fleet dash cams, or video cameras that capture recordings of happenings within and outside a vehicle. These dash cams can empower fleet management in a number of ways, with the most valuable one being safety. Dash cams provide fierce driver safety enhancements by making drivers aware that their habits are under scrutiny.

Dash cams monitor driving behavior, keeping high-risk drivers alert and at attention. Research has shown that with consistent monitoring and continuous feedback, driver performance improves.

Keep Eyes On Driver Routes With Fierce Fleet Management

Dash cams give drivers and fleet managers real-time data and productive feedback. This allows managers to use these resources to nurture a more efficient and safer fleet.

Other than recording every trip a vehicle makes, fleet dash cams, like the BT Dashcam, can double as security cameras while the fleet vehicle is parked. This is BT’s ‘Guard Mode’feature which is especially needed for fleets that move throughout high crime areas and want to protect their vehicles from vandalism or theft.

Dash cams keep eyes and ears on all activities of each vehicle in your fleet. That way, you’ll stay in-the-know if your drivers are staying on-task or performing unauthorized trips. Dash cams also serve to protect your business in cases of disputes between drivers. The BT Dashcam has your back when conflict arises.

Safeguard Your Drivers and Fleet With a Dashcam Solution

Commercial drivers and fleet managers have always been wary of road accidents. Along with the risk of death or injury, there’s always the possibility of blame for an accident that was not their fault. With dash cam solutions, it’s easier to figure out who is actually at fault in an accident and reduce false accusations.

If you’re looking for ferocious protection and reduction of costs, implementing a dash cam in your fleet vehicles is your best solution.

Advance Fuel Efficiency With Fleet Management Software

While mileage is a huge factor in fuel expense, driver habits are significant in measuring fuel consumption. It’s best to identity other preventative measures to start saving now.

Below are some listed examples of driving habits that increase fuel consumption and costs which can all be caught through a dash cam solution:

  • Speeding: When speeds increase, drag increases—requiring more power from your vehicle's engine to maintain speed, increasing fuel usage.
  • Aggressive driving: Hard braking and acceleration up fuel consumption and wear and tear on your vehicle, increasing vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Distracted driving: Texting or talking on the phone while driving can lengthen commute times or lead to accidents, using more fuel and causing wear and tear on vehicles.
  • Improper tire pressure: Under-inflated tires lead to higher rolling resistance, reducing your vehicle's fuel efficiency by as much as 20%.

Defend Your Business and Drivers Against False Claims

Adding a fleet dash cam solution to your pack gives you endless eyes and ears, while also advancing insurance claim processing by:

  • Enabling quick dispute resolution
  • Lowering the need for in-person investigations
  • Getting rid of the need to collect statements from all involved parties
  • Providing a more accurate assessment of damages and injuries
  • Promoting safety and risk management efforts

Minimize Insurance Costs With 24/7 AI Surveillance

The Black Tiger platform keeps its eyes and ears on your fleet operations

With insurance premiums being based on risk, it’s difficult for agents to analyze just how risky a fleet may be. Usually, these agents rely on statistics or other sources of data from numerous sources. This can raise questions of accuracy. Luckily, there are still ways fleets can attempt to reduce their premiums.

Dash cams are recognized by insurance providers as fraud and risk reducers. Many agencies offer a 10% discount for the implementation of a dash cam, with others offering even more. Contact your insurer today to learn how much a dash cam could save your fleet!

Protect Your Sh*t With The BT Dashcam

If you're searching to empower your operation, a fleet dash cam system is the fierce solution you need. With the power to monitor behavior and protect your fleet against wrongful fines and suspensions, dash cams can give you the tools to strengthening your business. Click HERE to purchase the BT dashcam and turn the roads into your jungle.

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