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8 Key Questions To Address When Considering a Commercial Dash Camera Solution

8 Key Questions To Address When Considering a Commercial Dash Camera Solution

Here's What You Need To Address When Pondering Adding a Fleet Dashcam Solution!

Fleet Tracking Dashcam Systems consist of cameras mounted inside vehicles that record the road ahead or what's happening inside the vehicle 24/7.

Commercial dash cameras are established to improve fleet safety, save your company money, and allow you to effectively manage insurance claims. Taking the time to address the 8 simple questions below provided by Black Tiger GPS you'll be able to ensure you get the most out of your investment and choose the fiercest commercial dash cam system for your fleet.

1. Can This Fleet Dash Cams Address The Problems I am Trying To Solve?

A reliable dashcam system keeps its eyes and ears on everything that happens inside and outside of the vehicle and provides undeniable video evidence in case of an accident or dispute. The video footage is a fierce tool for training new employees, gathering research after an incident, investigating a claim, or proving liability in an accident. This ambitious solution equips fleet managers with video recordings to help improve their customers' experience.

2. How Immediate Is a Fleet Dashcam Solution’s ROI?

The ability to capture your vehicle’s surroundings through a dash cam system is a fierce defense alone, but there are other powerful perks that include a direct return on investment for your business.Commercial Dash Camera

Commercial Dash Cams Can Protect My Business’s Reputation and Bottom Line:

    • Keep track of speed and braking distance: Some dash cam systems, such as the BT Dashcam include GPS tracking capabilities that allow you to monitor vehicle location and speed in real-time. These systems often team up with a GPS service so fleet managers can view live tracking data via a web portal or mobile app.
      • Lessen insurance premiums: Robust and undeniable video evidence is your best friend when pleading your case of innocence or identifying wrongdoing by your driver. With commercial insurance companies beginning to offer reduced premiums for fleets with dash cam systems, fleet tracking with dash cameras is becoming a more common adoption across the country for many companies.
      • Elevate driver behavior: Video footage can be reviewed with drivers to identify training opportunities or used as part of a points-based rewards program that strengthens good driving habits Dash cameras can boost safe driving behaviors that reduce fuel usage and more importantly protect your bottom-line, passengers, and others on the road.
      • Defend drivers from false claims: Commercial dash camera gives you the power to see what's happening on the road and protect your drivers from false claims. When an accident occurs, simply review the recorded footage, and see what actually happened. A wrongful claim can cost your business thousands and also deter new business.

        3. How Many Vehicles Do I Need To Protect?

        The size of your fleet and the types of vehicles you operate will play a powerful role in determining whether a commercial dash cam system will benefit your fleet. Larger fleets with many vehicles require heightened time and effort to monitor and protect, so investing in ferocious defenses such as dash cams and GPS tracking devices can help keep your fleet safeguarded while reducing costs.

        To determine how much of an investment dash cameras will be for your fleet, consider how many vehicles you’ll want to defend with cameras. Some companies may only want Black Tiger’s eyes and ears’ on certain vehicles, while others may want them on every vehicle in their fleet.

        4. Will a Fleet Management Solution Improve Customer Service Quality?

        A commercial dash camera can nurture customer service and experience through fierce features, such as:

        • Analyze Traffic and Route Drivers Accordingly
        • Enhance Customer Communication
        • Identify The Closest Drivers To Pickup Locations
        • Schedule Accordingly With Real-Time Data
        • Monitor Trip History & Mileage Through Various Timeframes

        5. Is Theft a Concern I Have For My Vehicles or Assets?

        Furthermore, this ambitious and fierce solution detects and captures critical events in real-time with video footage and alerts so you can address any activity right away. This can be useful for everything from accident investigations to insurance claims.

        Reduce theft and vandalism: Dash cams prey on unwanted events such as unsafe or risky activity. A camera system can provide visual evidence of who's responsible for an incident, which is especially impactful when the driver is away from the vehicle. The advanced BT Dashcam provides continual HD video of inside & outside the vehicle. Giving you the ability to see what happens with your fleet. This ambitious and fierce solution detects and captures critical events in real-time with video footage and alerts so you can address any activity right away and keep your operations running according to plan.

        6. Can a Commercial Dashcam Reduce My Operating Costs?

        Additionally, money can be wasted overpaying for fuel, vehicle repairs and maintenance, speeding tickets, accidents, and other avoidable expenses that add up quickly.

        You can fight against the costs associated with your mobile workforce by introducing a commercial dash cam system into your fleet

        • Dash cam systems can help you determine if employees are driving safely. Unsafe practices including tailgating or not using turn signals can be identified. Driver safety training can then be implemented to address and strengthen these areas and improve performance.
        • They can help you figure out if your drivers are spending excessive time on their routes. If your drivers’ routes take longer than expected, dash cams can keep eye on delays and help determine how to prevent them.
        • Dash cams can prey on unwanted events such as theft and fraud by fiercely capturing images inside and outside the vehicle – even when the car is parked, and the engine is off.

          7. What Type of ROI Can You Expect Will You Get From a Fleet Dashcam Solution?

          The safety of your drivers, your vehicles, and other drivers on the road is crucial to your business operations. You also want to cut costs wherever possible to increase profitability. Investing in fleet management tools like dash cams can help boost safety and reduce costs.

          Robust and undeniable video evidence captured by dash cams are your best friend when pleading your case of innocence or identifying wrongdoing by your driver. They also have other benefits:

          • Exceptional driver behavior
          • Reduced insurance costs
          • Improved compliance with regulatory requirements
          • Increased fuel Efficiency
          • Customer Retention

          One study found that companies that utilize mobile video surveillance systems experienced an ROI of up to 300 percent within the first year of installation. All these elements contribute to fiercely lowering operating costs as you watch your bottom line roar!

          8. What Defenses Do I Need Now, And What Might You Need In The Future?

          When considering a commercial dash camera fleet management system, you should consider the powerful defenses you may need in the future as well as your current requirements.

          The following are features to look for in a dash cam fleet management system:

          • Bold Duo of Strong AI Dash Cams (interior and road-facing)
          • Robust Report Data (Geofence, fuel consumption, usage, telematics data, trip reports)
          • Easy-to-Navigate Platforms and Dashboards
          • Real-time GPS Tracking for Each Vehicle
          • Cloud Protected Clips and Video Downloads
          • Cloud and Camera Storage
          • Live View – HD Video Streaming with Audio
          • ADAS and GPS Telematics Data with Video
          • Dynamic and Affordable Pricing Options
          • Mapping (view every vehicle in your fleet simultaneously from different mapping views)
          • Over-the-Air Software and Firmware Updates
          • US based Customer Support and Training

          BT Dashcam: The Most Powerful Fleet Dash Cam On The Market

          The Black Tiger Dashcam is a powerful dash camera that records video evidence to defend drivers, their property, reputations, and bottom lines. The BT Dashcam comes equipped with a ‘Guard Mode’ feature, diminishing power draw, and continuing to safeguard your vehicle. If your camera detects a collision or an interior break-in, it immediately turns back on to record the incident. You still have fierce video coverage without burning up your battery.

          Click HERE to purchase your cameras and protect your fleet today with the best solution on the market!

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