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Dragino LHT65N-PIR Temperature, Humidity, and PIR Motion Sensor

by Dragino
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The Dragino LHT65N-PIR Temperature, Humidity & PIR sensor is a Long Range LoRaWAN Sensor. It includes a built-in Temperature & Humidity sensor and has an external PIR Probe. LHT65N-PIR can detect environment temperature, humidity, and Human Activity via the PIR probe. The sensor then sends this info to the LoRaWAN IoT Server.

The LHT65N-PIR allows users to send data and reach extremely long ranges. It provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimizing current consumption. It targets professional wireless sensor network applications such as irrigation systems, smart metering, smart cities, building automation, and so on.

LHT65N-PIR has a built-in 2400mAh non-chargeable battery which can be used for more than 5 years*.

LHT65N-PIR supports wireless configuration & OTA updates which make it easy to use.

LHT65N-PIR is fully compatible with LoRaWAN v1.0.3 Class A protocol, it can work with a standard LoRaWAN gateway.

*The actual battery life depends on how often you send data.


  • LoRaWAN v1.0.3 Class A protocol
  • Frequency Bands: CN470/EU433/KR920/US915/EU868/AS923/AU915
  • AT Commands to change parameters
  • Remotely configure parameters via LoRaWAN Downlink
  • Support wireless OTA update firmware
  • Firmware upgradeable via program port
  • Built-in 2400mAh battery for up to 5 years of use.
  • Built-in Temperature & Humidity sensor
  • External PIR Sensor
  • Tri-color LED to indicate working status


  • Wireless Alarm and Security Systems
  • Home and Building Automation
  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Industrial Monitoring and Control
  • Long-range Irrigation Systems, etc.


Built-in Temperature Sensor:

  • Resolution: 0.01 °C
  • Accuracy Tolerance: Typ ±0.3 °C
  • Long Term Drift: < 0.02 °C/yr
  • Operating Range: -40 ~ 85 °C

Built-in Humidity Sensor:

  • Resolution: 0.04 %RH
  • Accuracy Tolerance: Typ ±3 %RH
  • Long Term Drift: < 0.25 RH/yr
  • Operating Range: 0 ~ 96 %RH

External PIR Sensor:

  • Base on RDB223 Sensor
  • Cable Length: 1 meter
  • Stable detect distance: 0~3 meter

Package Includes:

  • LHT65N-PIR Temperature/Humidity/PIR Motion Sensor x 1

Dimension and weight:

  • Device Size: 9.5 x 4 x 2.8 cm
  • Weight: 105g
  • Package Size: 14.5 x 8 x 5 cm
  • Weight: 170g